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Hrm... Does THIS apply?

in MT-32 General
The Library of Congress has recently granted copyright exemptions in the Digital Millenium Act to obsolete games. The exemption applies to games that require the original hardware as a condition of access, and if the game is “no longer manufactured or reasonably available in the commercial …

Re: Totally scrambled sound in Ultima8

Simple: OSI always wanted to "push the envelope" with their games. They always wanted to require your machine to be top of the line (Hence why U7 has that god-aweful VooDoo memory manager). IIRC, Dr. Cat was a bit disapointed in U7 because it wouldn't run worth a damn on his 386... Which sucked for …

Re: We've Been SLAPPed

in MT-32 General
My $0.02... canadacow did a good emu. He reacted correctly to the C&D, as well as the copyright owner's request. He's worked on the emu his way, and got it working damn well. If he didn't want to be 100% GPL, that's his RIGHT as the author. If he doesn't want to continue, that's his RIGHT as the …

Re: MT-32 emulator and DOSBOX question

in MT-32 General
Difference being that Exult is including pre-recorded sound samples and music. Not patches that are designed to be used with a specific driver or program in a specific way. It's closer to downloading a game, and getting the music files seperately, vs downloading a game, and getting the DRIVER …

Re: 2003-8-12 Release

in MT-32 General
Hrm... That's strange, the devs of U6 always said that they basically just "threw some stuff together" that happened to sound decent (One reason a lot of the songs sounded very simple if not outright alike... Take the Character Creation/Main Menu/Intro songs, for example.) Other songs were just …

Re: Major snag

in MT-32 General
It is, primarilly, the third. And, for the record, I CAN hear the difference between 44100 and 48000 😜 (Then again, I can also see a HUGE difference between 100Hz and 120Hz)

Re: Major snag

in MT-32 General
Just a matter of oppinion, but... I would recommend mixing everything at 44100 or 48000 to START with, and work down from there... That way you can test ALL of the sounds themselves to make sure they're correct, and then work your way down. (Course, I run the AdLib and SB emulation of VDMSound at …

Re: Increasing 4 gamepad buttons to 6

I had one DOS game that USED all 6 buttons: Super Street Fighter II Turbo (VERY accurate recreation of the arcade). It came bundled with a 6 Button "Phantom" controller. It handled U/D/L/R and Button 1 and Button 2 as a normal stick. Buttons 3 and 4 where buttons 1 and 2 on "Joystick 2". Buttons 5 …

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