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Re: Rendition Verite Thread

Hi guys, recently acquired a Diamond Stealth II S220 and trying to catch up on this thread. I’m having an issue with vquake108 where it freezes within a few seconds of the game starting. I’ve tried version 106 of vquake but it mentions I have the wrong microcode. Any help would be appreciated and …

PSU Voltage Concerns

Although the PSU itself may or may not be considered old hardware (new stock in 2015), the system it powers is . The BIOS currently reports the following: CPU Vcore: ~1.64V 3.3VSB: ~3.37V +3.3V: ~3.15V +5.0V: ~4.40V +12V: ~12.28V -12V: (-)~12.28V +2.5V: ~2.54V 5VSB: ~4.73V The specification of my …

Re: Rendition Verite Thread

Wow! That image quality is a big difference. It was something I wasn't even aware of. I'll check that out in my 3DMark and 3D Winbench image quality results, as I've already ran benchmarks for both the Hercules driver and v3.0 beta5.

Re: Rendition Verite Thread

As this seems to be the combined general Rendition thread, I'll put this here. I wanted to ask Verite V2200 owners what driver version they are commonly using? In terms of features, performance, reliability, and compatibility (older Speedy3D and early versions of the RRedline API) is there a …

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