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Re: Munt Reloaded - Development

Similar to NewRisingSun's post, I have a track that when converted is always wrong, but plays fine in MIDI players. It's very simple, it's the forest SFX from King's Quest V. Two channels, bird tweet and whiporill. Somehow, the pitch is wrong after conversion, affecting both instruments (everything …


in DOS
Hey folks, Does anyone know how to reach NewRisingSun, most frequently on these forums? I can't find any contact info, and he has disabled PM's on this forum. Regards, - Spike

Re: Roland Sound Canvas with Digital-in ?

RCA outputs. However, one model, the Roland SC-D70 has digital in and outs. It has no display, but does have a SC-55 compatibility map (50-75% the same, I guess?), and a SC-88, 88Pro, and 8820 map. It can be had relatively cheap, and also works as a sound card if you have USB support.

Re: SB X-Fi Titanium win10 compatible?

Yeah, I was wondering, what is the advantage of a SB device outside a vintage PC, given their sound issues. Onboard is pretty darn good these days and doesn't process the sound unless your MB comes with software that does it, which can be disabled if desired. I've been SB free for a long time now on …

Re: Sierra/Dynamix sound driver hacking

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You need to edit resource.cfg and change the line: soundDrv = MT32.DRV to soundDrv = MTBLAST.DRV You can't do this via the install program, you must edit the .CFG file.

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