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Re: MT32-PI and Roland UM-ONE

Yes I did notice it was 100 on start up but most games will lower it themselves. A manual rotary knob would be a great addition! Most Sierra games do this. In the game itself you have a volume adjustment and changing that should also show on the display for the MT-32 side of things. That is how it …

Re: sc-88st pro

The Korg NS5R has some XG support, and the NX5R/N1R have full XG support. The Roland SC-8820/50 have XG support, also. Really, it depends what level XG you need.

Re: GM games that sound better on MT-32

I can tell you that no Sierra GM game will sound better on a MT-32 than the SC-55. And with what you're describing, using the GM driver, many times this will make it even worse (incompatible instruments, not enough polyphony, etc). To even do this for Sierra games you'd need to load a good GM patch …

Re: My sc-88 only outputs midi on the left channel

What does "both channels work for game sounds" mean? Your sound card plays back speech normally, but audio from the SC is messed up? If that's the case, I had an identical problem with a SC-55mkII many years back. I took it to an audio repair place (these days you can find them on Facebook and in …

Seeking help for book on Sierra MIDI music

Hey folks, Hope everyone is well (and sane) after a crazy year. No, I won't say the number. ;) I'm working on a book on Sierra music in my spare time, and although I've got it mostly covered, it would be silly of me not to ask for contributions from those who have knowledge. After all, noone knows …

Re: Roland CM-500 = MT-32 + SC55?

If you choose mt32/cm32 you will have the MT32/cm32 sounds and if you choose general midi you will have the Canvas sound? This question kind of misses the point. A game that 'supports' both MT-32 and Sound Canvas *really* is composed for one, and 'supports' the other. The question you want to be …

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