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Re: DRAW CALL debugging.

So would I just find and hook into a general CPU memory write function and go "if(inside VRAM range)run_hook()"? You don't need to check "if inside VRAM range" - Dosbox does it for you. Look at vga_memory.cpp VGA_SetupHandlers function. There are already several page handlers (set up using MEM_ …

Re: DRAW CALL debugging.

I did something like that when I was reverse engineering Test Drive III maps. First of all, get this ready-made tool called Bitmap Memory Debugger: http://www.theycamefromhollywood.com/bmd/ You will be able to examine Dosbox's memory visually. Dosbox global variable MemBase holds the pointer to the …

Re: Magnetically Shielded Speakers

in Marvin \ Sound
I've been using Behringer B2030A studio monitors as computer speakers for over 10 years. Absolutely no issues if placed right next to CRTs (although I gave up CRTs a few years ago). The speakers have served me well, but the amplifiers have degraded somewhat - I can hear some buzz/whine. If you have …

Re: Help Star Control I/II creators vs. Stardock lawsuit

in Milliways
I don't know who's side to take on this. Anyway, here's Stardock's point of view: https://www.stardock.com/games/starcontrol/article/487690/qa-regarding-star-control-and-paul-and-fred edit: I'm hesitant to condemn Stardock because they picked up a dead franchise and have done something with it - …

Re: how to change the quality of captured video?

in DOSBox General
FYI, the bad video quality (blurriness and color bleeding) is caused by your video playback software / video card, not by the ZMBV codec. It's doing a color space conversion (from RGB to some YUV-like format which includes color subsampling). If you can find a way to force video playback in RGB …

Re: How to slow down real-time

in PC Emulation
I actually made such a version of Dosbox that allows adjusting the emulated video refresh rate, which works for speeding up and slowing down many games. http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=326732#p326732 I might have had a version where refresh rate could be adjusted on the fly with some keyboard …

Re: Patching old DOS game to make it work on faster computers

in DOS
This is off the top of my head, so it might be incorrect, but here goes. I would write a simple delay routine and test it using a standalone test program in Dosbox to make sure it works with different CPU speeds. I would then inject it into the original executable in a suitable place. To find a …

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