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Re: Roland MPU-401 more ROM dumps and info

I've dumped MPU versions 1.3, 1.3A, 1.5A, and 1.5A_JMSC. The 1.5A version was found in an earlier, upgraded MPU-401, and matches the MAME dump. The (8KB) "JMSC" version was found in a couple of "tester" MPU-401 units. Roland's integrated MPU-401 daughterboard, the RJA-401-HB, contains MPU version 1. …

Re: DDLINK: Easily move files between/To/From DOS systems

in DOS
Recently used DDLINK to transfer data to a system that is "externally I/O challenged," and despite the 8250 UARTs, the 19200 bps serial rate, and the wireless RS-232 transceivers involved, the solution exceeded my expectations. Thank-you for sharing your work, Dave!

Re: Roland MT-32 and SC-55Mkii Wiring

For setups involving just an MT-32 and Sound Canvas (or similar), you can get by without the use of any switch boxes at all. MIDI: AWE64G MIDI OUT -> SC-55mkII MIDI IN SC-55mkII MIDI THRU -> MT-32 MIDI IN Wherewith, you can either soft-switch between the two MIDI modules via SysEx, or, alternatively …

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