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Re: Sound levels changed by games

Not sure about 7th Guest, but for Gabriel Knight (and related Sierra games), simply change the Sound Blaster's DOS "SOUND" environment variable to point to a non-relevant directory beforehand. This could be temporarily set and restored as part of the game's batch file even. E.g.: @ECHO OFF SET SOUND …

Re: Iconic Sound Blaster CT numbers

Tbh these are exactly the cards you could spare for mounting: very collectible, but actually when looked at objectively and compared to other stuff out there (including other Creative stuff) sort of crap. The SBPro1 is hardly supported (compared to the v2), the AWE32 is decent, but not for MIDI and …

Re: About Roland Virtual Sound Canvas 3

And another question: in Piano1 that has 10 samples, how to interpret "Multi-sample Split Points (Note Value)" - is it correct my understanding that 9 split points make 10 intervals and for each such interval assign the corresponding pcm data? Exactly. (The color separation in the spreadsheet …

Re: About Roland Virtual Sound Canvas 3

mattw wrote on 2020-10-06, 18:27: I can as well extract every of those "original tones" to playable WAV file ... So, where what I've described as an "original tone" is a multi-sample, what does that sound like was a WAV file? Presumably ten piano notes, as concerns "PIANO1"?

Re: About Roland Virtual Sound Canvas 3

(I still call them "things", because I am not sure what to call them exactly, i.e. instruments, patches, sounds, etc) The exact terminology is unknown and is, regrettably, open to interpretation. I'd mapped-out some of the data concerning the SC-55 program ROM a number of years ago, deducing the …

Re: About Roland Virtual Sound Canvas 3

I wonder if companding only applies to the hardware counterparts. I hadn't looked at the sizes of the VSC .DAT files prior to now, but assuming we're still dealing with ~6MB of uncompressed data (as concerns the 1.72MB VSC55.DAT file), there's a greater reduction in size than what 2:1 companding …

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