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Re: Internet Archive

Sorry to burst someone's bubble but the programs on this site should be considered abandonware and should not have support from Dosbox forums as per the rules. Are you seeing a lot of threads here asking for support for programs at the Internet Archive? In fact, there don't seem to be a lot of …

Re: Good OS selectors ?

"Pure dos" really doesn't offer any benefits over MS-DOS mode in Win9x and I would strongly suggest forgetting the whole thing. You can always use a boot floppy if you really need "pure dos" for something or other. Otherwise, if your hard drive is FAT16-formatted, then just install MS-DOS before …

Re: Windows 98 and DOS Question

Wait so is this file for the Windows 98 version of dos, not pure dos, I am not installing pure. Also if I overwrite the files with the ones you sent me, isn't there a chance that I won't get the FAT32 support since some of the files are 6.22? olddos.exe is just a bunch of miscellaneous utilities …

Re: Windows 98 and DOS Question

Actually I just checked out the torrent file and there doesn't seem to be anything but just olddos.exe, just that one file? Thanks. As noted above, it is a self-extracting archive. The easiest thing to do would be to just open it with 7zip and copy the files where they need to go. Or just copy …

Re: Windows 98 and DOS Question

mirando_flynn wrote on 2020-11-24, 11:37: If you have any DOS compatibility issues you can try Win95. It is more compatible with DOS software. Is there some DOS software in particular you're thinking of that runs in Windows 95 but not Windows 98..?

Re: Windows 95/98 emulation/VM options?

in PC Emulation
And what about WineD3D? I had the impression it didn't really offer anything compared to dgvooodoo2. (I could be wrong.) Dunno, I'm clueless about passthru, even more for legacy OS passthru, and especially how QEMU works (virgl3d, looking glass, vfio?!), that's why I'm asking here. WineD3D has …

Re: Browser with built in Flash player

Does that just apply to apps on that page, or to all sites they have archived? A lot of sites seem to have links that can only be accessed if the flash extension in whatever browser is being used is active. That is a good question. I assume that ideally they would want to make all the sites they …

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