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Re: TR: User keys screen freeze under glidos

O well. When I start TR only through Dosbox I get error loading dll, and with dosbox through Glidos main menu in the game gonna crazy, turning around by itself, . Anyway, when I open user control screen, and try to redefine keys game freeze. And yes i download thet special version of Dosbox.

Re: True3D using cheap anaglyph glasses

Multiplying the default by 10 can give the effect of seeing a little Lara running just behind the monitor (freaks me out a bit). Ooo, yes :exclamation: . This thing is blow my head. I just can't stand it. After 5 minutes of playing I feel like I'm drunk. I mean, it look awesome, but I getting …

Caves level for TR

Hi! Here you can find hi-res textures for Caves level. Some textures are missing, but most of it are there.For install, as you know, just put this folder in ...glidos/textures folder and adjust gamma to ~ 0.7.

Re: JC Remix

I just downloaded NGLE and with Map Texture Convecter I have option to make textures of just 128x128.How to load 256x256 textures? Can I just make my own, and load it through roomedit? 😕

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