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Re: slow running

If you have some more recent machine ( > 2GHz) it should be safe to open the dosbox.conf file in your DOSBox directory, and set the emulated cycles to 15000 instead of 3000. It will speed things up. If you experience that the sound became choppy, set it lower (It means you tried to ask too much).

Memory, CPU? leaks & Hercules bug

I spotted several bugs in the newest CVS of DosBox, see image below... I guess it explains everything :P http://xs.to/xs.php?h=xs62&d=06014&f=dosbox_bugs.png (There right - click, and select "View Image". XS.TO will resize it badly! 29Kb) Some textual description: 1. The Hercules emulation. The game …

Custom hardware in Win XP???

Just interested. Is it possible to somehow control some home - made equipment plugged in the PC (for example through an LPT port) under WinXP / 2000 / NT? I just heard about such stuff - model train owners created such in the past to control their system for example. So for example they have to …

Re: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

So you had the fireworks feel right in your room - cool :lol: By the way the install went fine - first time as a pleasure - without that damned XWave card :P But i live in a small town here in Hungary, and even this turned in somewhat like we were in World War II and the Russians were attacking and …

Re: WarCraft 2 CD Issues

in DOS
But first step: plug out that CPU labelled "Celeron" from your socket, and place something in it which really works at 2GHz :P - i already could test this: Celeron CPUs are typically half as fast as "real" CPUs offering the same speed! So 10000 cycles :P (A real machine with the hardwares you have …

Re: Sound cards - from best to worst

I could now reinstall my system ( := completely got rid of all the junkies remained from that damned XWave card), and it works great! Win98 recognized the card nicely, although i needed the DOS driver to make it working fine under DOS too. It really does not load anything, the driver set appears to …

Re: WarCraft 2 CD Issues

in DOS
Look in your dosbox.conf file in the location to where you installed DOSBox. Open it with a text editor, and look for somewhat like Emulated cycles per second. By default it should be 3000, it should be work fine if you push it to 20000 on your PC - that should correct the problems.

Re: Sound cards - from best to worst

After that XWave junk (QS3000A, PCI card) what i had my ESS AudioDrive 1686F (ISA) sounded much better. I took it out from one of my old P133s as i got completely enough of the above. Anyone knows what is the 'F' sign after '1868'? Or in general what this card is capable to? For me it was reported …

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