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Re: Slow load from network map ?

If you have caching, you need to react on external events to keep the cached data up to date, which will be MUCH slower (especially over a slow network) than grabbing the actual data as-needed and relying on the caching system of the underlying layers (OS file/drive cache, network caching if it …

Re: Slow load from network map ?

Notes: As you can see it does QueryDirectory every time the application opens the file!!! and it does the same things 4 times ... This might be the way your application is written. I have a similar CAD program that does the same thing. I think it is because the files names, date, size, and …

Re: FAT16 or Filesystem Problem

Okay I decompiled the program I was trying to get working. It was trying to call a batch file with following syntax "/c call.bat". Since DosBox's command line interrupter did not know how to use the /c option it exited. The way I fixed the problem was run the command.com from FREEDOS and change the …

Re: Direct serial port working

GordL, To get Medoc working in XP you don't have to use DosBox just use the folloing command line it will work MEDOC.EXE T30 F30 E2 For some reason you have to allow more timeout for XP. Other than that it will always work.

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