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Re: Problematic file on CD#3 of Riana Rouge

depends actually. in iso mode dosbox is certainly more then avarage. The file could be found by dosbox if the directory listing of a cdrom would go by the lowlevel cdrom functions instead of relying on the host. Yes, when mounting the BIN/CUE directly in DOSBox the file is viewd correctly (using …

Problematic file on CD#3 of Riana Rouge

I've recently got a copy of Riana Rouge and found that the file GAFTEST\NW\B3.MOV on disc 3 shows a very weird behavior - you can't access it under WinXP! You can't run it, copy it, and even trying to look at the file's properties will not show date or size. It's not even assigned the QuickTime icon …

Re: PC Jr Cart Support

River Raid was one of my favorite games on the Atari 800XL, but unfortunately I can't get the PCjr version to run under DOSBox 0.65. All I get is a black screen, with no messages or sounds. Am I doing something wrong? I checked Pitfall II and it works perfectly, so what can be the problem?

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