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Re: Homeworld vs. DirectX 7.1+

in Windows
Guys, I’m on a laptop with GeForce 2, directx 7.1 is installed. For some strange reason game looks worse in 32 bit vs 16. Why? I’ve got horrible banding in 32 bit: Filename DFDCB3C2-E832-4420-9010-3600711D8E8D.jpeg File size 599.27 KiB Views 252 views Or it’s a normal behaviour in this game should …

What is ATI M1 and how it should be cooked?

I’ve got two laptops with ATI M1 GPU: Compaq N400c and Sony Vaio PictureBook C1. I’ve tried some 3D action games and they all have visual glitches and issues. I’m trying to understand whether they are expected for this GPU or if it can be fixed somehow. https://youtu.be/ewH0_-q9a7g Unreal (DirectX, …

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