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"Shrinked" compression format?

Okay, I just downloaded the PC version of what originally was an Amiga game, called Baby Jo Going Home. It has several files that have the string "SHRINKED" in their header. Is this a compression format used on Amiga systems? Anyone have more info on this?

Re: Scanbin 6 for 16-bit Windows

Nope, renaming didn't do a thing. Perhaps I should have been clearer from the start: ScanBin is supposed to work on Windows 3.11 but will not install in Windows 3.11. It fails raving about some files being modified, etc.... The installer appears to be a self-extracting 16-bit Windows executable …

Re: Scanbin 6 for 16-bit Windows

I could not install because the installer won't work properly in Windows 3.11. It complains about modified files and appears to delete all extracted files from "c:\windows\temp". That's another odd thing, it claims the user gets to select the target folder but always extracts to the temp folder. The …

Scanbin 6 for 16-bit Windows

Has anyone ever used this? It's a program called ScanBin and is meant for 16-bit Windows. Link: http://jc.bellamy.free.fr/en/scanbin.html I had to manually download and install Winsock.dll and now I am stuck looking for the correct version of a dll called ctl3dv2.dll. I've found that dll, just not …

Windows 3.11 screensaver passwords

I am trying to figure out how Windows 3.11 encodes screen saver passwords. As far as I can tell a string of plain text characters of the same length as the password is stored in Control.ini like this: password = "Peter" [ScreenSaver] Password=x(m9| password = "Peter Swinkels" [ScreenSaver] Password= …

Re: DOS game programming

@pano69: QBasic doesn't support CALL INTERRUPT but it does support CALL ABSOLUTE. I've never done it myself, but it should be possible to write a machine language procedure to call interrupts using that statement.

Re: unlzexe utility freezes DOSBox

Everyone thank you for your feedback. I think there are enough work arounds for this. It's not too big a deal. It might be a good idea for the DOSBox developers to see if they can prevent DOSBox from hijacking the desktop due to freezing. It's rare but doesn't just happen with unlzexe.exe. The only …

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