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Re: Tandy 3 Voice missing a channel in SVN

Well dosbox used to include mame sources of dubious copyright legality and I thought why not just go for the freshest mame sources now that they changed their license. The mame implementation for the SN76496 contains all kinds of implementation with different noise tap inputs. I wonder if any of …


sf78 wrote: You mean the YM3812? Pretty much as many as he wants to buy, they are 2€ new and readily available. Oh I didn't expect them to be still available. Must be some retro market to satisfy still for them.

Re: test386.asm CPU tester

Nice test suite, most stuff seems to pass except for the typical looping rotates, although I doubt that would cause any problems with programs. Nobody is bored enough to make task switching, security and vm86 tests I guess 😀

Re: DOSLIB Sound Blaster speed tests: What does the card *actually* do with the sample rate?

With such a large fifo you'd imagine it would start the IRQ while there's lots of data yet waiting to be played in the fifo. I always thought you'd have more noise from single cycle dma but you don't really notice is that much. Although the dsp will just keep playing the last sample as long as the …

Re: DOSLIB Sound Blaster speed tests: What does the card *actually* do with the sample rate?

Slightly offtopic but seeing as you're doing sountblaster tests I've wondered about the amount of processing time and buffering the soundblaster DSP has. How soon after a sample is read through DMA does it appear on the output. Is there some small fifo in there to allow for a bit more output to …

Re: What retro YouTubers do you subscribe to?

in Milliways
I guess most are already listed but going through my subscription list which is getting way too huge I found some others LarryBundyJr does mostly weird top lists focussing on old 8 bit computers sometimes togheter with ashes Polaventris does c64 game reviews electricadventures has weekly game …

Re: Do you play games off of their CDs?

in DOS
Just tried it again and Daemon Tools works fine with cue/bin with Loom on my win 98 se with sb16, since that game only does cd audio without soundblaster. If games use regular soundblaster with cd audio you'd need an SB Live or something that could do soundblaster emulation and still have windows …

Re: Do you play games off of their CDs?

in DOS
I hate the noise cd drives make so I'm pretty much only using cd images SHSUCDHD allows you to mount cdrom images under DOS, quite liking that on my old dos machine that just has a bunch of iso images on a secondary drive. Mounting images under win9x allows cd audio as well and that runs most of the …

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