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Re: NVME partioning advice

in Milliways
I wouldn't bother. The benefits of partitioning drives is in the past. You used to partition drives to get Windows closer to the start (or end? I forgot) of the drive platter for performance reasons. Obviously not a thing in the SSD world. You used to partition drives because reformatting before …

Re: Is it true that Windows XP games work great on Windows 10?

in Windows
Out of the box, I would say it's compatibility with Win9X/WinXP games is terrible, but I would probably say the same of Win9X/WinXP too. With some tweaking however I've gotten 99%+ of the games I've tried to work better than they did natively in Win9X/WinXP. And the 1%- is largely because I try a …

Re: BPP oddity

The skybox is unlikely to use transparency, so whatever is causing the banding has nothing to do with 24-bit vs 32-bit. Again, those 8 bits are transparency bits. Probably unlikely to even be used. It's possible the game is running in 16-bit color however and that's causing banding. dgVoodoo renders …

Re: BPP oddity

Screenshots should always be 24-bit. 24 bit = 8 bits each of Red, Green and Blue 32 bit = 8 more bits for alpha How are you expecting the alpha bits to be in a screenshot, and how are you expecting to see that on your likely 24-bit monitor?

Re: Feature request - Higher AA modes

Google tells me 32xS is 2xSSAA + 8xMSAA. If you set resolution to 2X the game resolution, that's effectively SSAA. Then just enable 8X MSAA. If aliasing still bothers you at that point, what you need is a higher resolution screen. dgVoodoo has a framerate limiter for games that need it. Though using …

Re: Spider-Man (Neversoft, 2001) FPS cap issue

You say the FPS cap exists, though you haven't said anywhere why you're so sure it exists. It seems more likely it just worked back in the day because of slower hardware (never actually exceeded 20 FPS, or V-Sync made game drop to 30 and more intensive cutscenes to 20). So why so sure it exists? …

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