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Re: Glidos - Parameter is Incorrect

Use C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Tomb Raider 1\TOMBRAID\tomb.exe here: Filename GOGExeSetting1.PNG File size 40.42 KiB Views 867 views and C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Tomb Raider 1\GAME.GOG here: Filename GOGCDSourceSetting1.PNG File size 38.21 KiB Views 867 views

Re: TombATI_v1.7 update

Not easily. There's more to it than just including the glrage binary in the archive. The binary in the archive is built with many quite significant changes from the original (the changes are published in my fork: https://github.com/Glidos/glrage ). Those changes would need merging with the r10 …

Re: Shadow Warrior + Glidos

Nope. The version from the archive I was passed at least initialises Glide and opens a window, but then there's nothing. I was hoping that the log from the Glidos start up window would show something odd, but no.

Re: Screamer 2 stalls in Glidos

I don't know much about D-Fend, but the usual way to use Glidos is to use the Adjust button to get into the config menu and from there set up the path to Screamer 2's exe and the disc image. Then you can start Screamer 2 from Glidos.

Re: Shadow Warrior + Glidos

I've had a go at getting it to work, but no luck. With the steam version, the directory layout is very strange: there is no DOS4GW exe at the top level and then there's about ten subdirectories each with its own exe. I tried running each one through Glidos, and some started under DOSBox, but didn't …

Re: Shadow Warrior + Glidos

You should be able to try that out yourself. All the tricks specific to certain games are configurable. Just create a new configuration and set the options the same as for Blood. Blood uses two of the features under the heading of "Fiddles", one being "Blood fix" and the other "Texture cache for …


I'm not fully understanding the issue. Does installing ntvdm64 prevent Glidos working in DOSBox mode? Or is it that you want to use ntvdm64 in place of DOSBox? The latter might not be worth the trouble: supposedly, ntvdm64 isn't any faster than DOSBox.

Re: Glidos TRX textures in TombATI

Here is the message I previously sent to someone wishing to perform the conversion: Ok, you might not like this: the process involves several tools, with the setup performed under Windows and the main conversion under Linux. Perhaps the whole thing can be done under Windows, but I've never tried …

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