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Re: Glidos Direct3D Inhibit Mode Change issues

Actually, I've just noticed it's a perfect square. I imagine what may be happening is that Glidos is trying to create a surface larger than is necessarily permitted under the DirectX9 API. Some drivers may allow it, others not. That's a guess, but a reasonable one. I can't remember if I pass errors …

Re: Audio Pack

The Audio pack works with only a particular version TOMB.EXE. Download and install this: http://download.glidos.net/TR1/TrAndUbForGlidos.exe, which provides the appropriate version. Then change the Glidos config to use that file. Don't alter the setting for the CD image.

Another Glidos release

I broke something in the last release, so I've just uploaded 1.55 with a fix. For most use, it's best to select psVoodoo, Full screen and Inhibit mode change. That will ignore the resolution you select and use the largest 4x3 subarea of the screen that fits. That was the mode I'd broken, but it now …

Possibly the best way to play Tombraider ever! :-)

I added 3D monitor support to Glidos (via psVoodoo) some time ago, but haven't been able to take advantage of it since I swapped to 4K monitors for work. Recently though, I've acquired a VR headset, which can simulate a huge cinema-sized 3D screen. That along with the new high-res modes I've just …

Re: Carmageddon/Redguard/Blood issues

Oh yeah, it's been so long, I'd forgotten. It's a pain to not have "Inhibit mode change" and it's not supported by OpenGlide. psVoodoo, on the other hand, hasn't been updated to handle all that the various games need. Not sure what's going on with Redguard. I used to find it definitely playable. I …

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