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Re: DOSBox SVN Builds

Speaking of scalers, is it still normal for scalers to not work with machine=vgaonly in the latest CVS version? (r4025) Tried using it with scaler=normal3x and aspectratio=true, but it doesn't work, instead I get a weird normal2x scale with ugly stretching. Also been getting a lot of buffer underrun …

Re: Munt Reloaded - Development

Just got the latest commit from the git repo, and compiling the emulator libraries (mt32emu) works fine, but compiling anything else that depends on the libraries (like mt32emu_qt) ends up spewing those kinds of errors: Master.cpp:(.text+0x25a7): undefined reference to `MT32Emu::FileStream:: …

Re: The end of the road?

^ Agreed. Just be careful what you do and you'll be fine on XP, I used it for quite a while now and only recently switched to Windows 7. Only noticed vulnerabilities on 7's side so far after installed Daemon Tools and it pushed crap into the system with their crap offerings in the installer (the …

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