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Re: 20th Anniversary of Vogons

in Milliways
Woohoo! Happy 20th birthday to a forum I helped name and "theme". 😀 🎂 BEEN_Nath_58 wrote on 2022-06-30, 10:22: Also the 20th anniversary of […] Show full quote Also the 20th anniversary of Snover DosFreak Nicht Sehr Gut membership Mine is tomorrow! I was "fashionably late"... 😉

Wipeout sourcecode leaked

in Milliways
It includes the source to both the original PSX game as well as its Windows port (including ATI 3D CIF headers!) Please note that it is currently unknown if these sources are fully buildable. https://twitter.com/forestillusion/status/150 … 048268176990209

Re: Members of Vogons, what shows do you currently watch?

in Milliways
Been rewatching Elementary lately. My big binge since lockdown was all the quirky detective TV shows. Otherwise, Star Trek Picard Season 2, trying to get my ducks in a row to finally knuckle down and watch Star Trek Discovery so that I can watch Star Trek Strange New Worlds, and maybe catch up with …

Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

"The original driver source code for the PowerVR Series 1 GPUs : Midas arcade, PCX1 and PCX2" dropped on github 15 days ago https://github.com/powervr-graphics/PowerVR-Series1 Woohoo! This is great and (at least for me) totally unexpected. For the most part, the SGL folder is the same SDK released …

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