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Re: Super7.net

Page's still down. It would be pity, if it would be lost forever. Lots of retro information was there. Is there anything, we can do to help it to restore? Figure out who the webmaster is/was and get in touch, maybe they had an offline backup, that's about all you can do at this point. [EDIT] I just …

Re: Fallout DOS Version Sound Card Support

in DOS
Axatax wrote on 2021-04-17, 01:14: I'm going to be boorish and necro this 12 year old thread. The last reply was in 2015, so moderators only see it as 6 years old. Still a bit of a stretch to update it now, but we'll let it slide 😉

Re: Toshiba TC8512 Gouraud Shading Processor

16-bit 3d accelerator. You are on a roll, Stiletto. Maybe, but I was wrong about one thing: it wasn't mid-90s! It predates that. Probably more like 1990, the datecodes on the board photo in the geekdot website seem to confirm that. Stuff from this era... not really for gamers! More for CAD/CAM, …

Re: What do you drive?

in Milliways
gerry wrote on 2021-04-13, 08:27: i wonder if there will be a forum called VOCONR in the future! (Very Old Cars On New Roads!) You made me spit out my coffee! 😁

Re: Toshiba TC8512 Gouraud Shading Processor

From a Discord I was on tonight: thedodgegarage says that Akebia had a TMS34020-based card called "Stride" with an available TC8512 add-on card but can't find any other sources or pictures for that yet. And there's some mention of a company called Division making a VR system based on 80860s and …

Toshiba TC8512 Gouraud Shading Processor

And just when you think you've heard of all mid-90s 3D chips, here's the Toshiba TC8512 Gouraud Shading Processor: SKUs: TC8512G, TC8512YM. AKA "TC8512G/YM". Nicknames seem to be "HSP" or "HSP-1", short for "High Speed Shading Processor" or maybe "High Speed graphics Processor". https://datasheet. …

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