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Re: DOS MIDI player o game with support of port 380?

Regarding DOS MIDI players, Mark A. Fontana's MFPLAY (GSPLAY previously) version 1.2 has ; MPU401 PORT ADDRESS ; For MPU_ADDR, specify the port address (in hex) of your Roland MPU401 ; compatible MIDI interface. (Only UART-mode compatibility is required.) ; For MPU_IRQ, specify the IRQ level of the …

Re: What are the best Sound Canvas games?

in Milliways
During my re-visits to old games with Sound Canvas hardware, I've found the following : Wing Commander Privateer (some songs use custom patches from the SFX table) Transport Tycoon (seems to sound great on various synthesizer/sample-based techs) And by some tweaks: Ultima Underworld I && II (only …

Re: CRT experience

doublebuffer wrote on 2023-08-02, 08:13: What do you think of CRTs? I have been enjoying revisiting CRTs and all the techs related to them. Just so much capabilities and features that I either didn't know or took for granted back in the day. Personally prefer systems with somewhat period correct HW …

Re: Ultima 6 no midi?

Very nice! Thank you! I assume this will work fine with midi daughterboards as long as they are set to the correct midi port? Yes, no computer I/O, IRQ etc. involved with that file, just standard MIDI program changes. A Roland SC-7 was used when creating the file, SCB-7 and SCB-55 should sound as …

Re: Ultima 6 no midi?

Regarding Ultima 6 with newer GM devices, I have created a custom MIDI.DAT optimized for Sound Canvas devices. Using it should sound better on GM devices than the default MT-32 optimized one that comes with the game. Grab it here (remember to backup the original). Some background/setup info here .

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