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Re: DOSBox Game Launcher (DOSBox Frontend)

How can I create a game profile when the EXE that needs to be executed resides on the IMG file that DOSbox is mounting as the D:\ drive? When I click browse it only lets me see windows drives so I can't find the executable to create the game profile. Thank-you.

Re: Image file not found

Thank-you. The superfluous "-usecd 0" command was the problem. If you put -usecd 0 on the end it must be parsing that as the image name and giving that error. Using the Mac version BTW. For anyone that want to know, with the "new" Mac keyboards you have to press the "Fn" key before you do any Ctrl- …

Image file not found

I swear I had this working the other day. Maybe I went cross-eyed or something. C: is my mounted DOSBox folder. I have quake.bin and quake.cue in my C:\QUAKE dir. When I try: imgmount d quake.cue -t iso -usecd 0 I get an Image not found error. I am in C:\QUAKE when I run the command. Using C:\QUAKE\ …

Re: CD-ROM issues in OSX

I don't mean to come across like an ingrate (despite my previous apparently ire-inducing post) but it would be great if it worked like the windows version. I can have my Windows DOSbox.conf file automount any CD that is in my drive and simply pop in any other disk as needed by the game in question …

Re: CD-ROM issues in OSX

Hey guys. Just wanted to drop by and check up on this issue. I appreciate the ripping/mounting workaround but that is not really practical. Is there any way a fix for this will end up in the next version?

Vista Midi Out Solution Discovered!!!

I don't know if you guys have seen this yet but someone has created a midi mapper for vista that is much easier to use than regedit. Homepage: http://akkordwechsel.de/15-windows-vista-und-der-midi-mapper/ Direct Link: http://putzlowitsch.de/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/plw-vista-midi-mapper_0_91.zip …

Re: CD-ROM issues in OSX

Is there any possible way to make it so you can simply provide the device name so you don't have to deal with cumbersome mount commands every time? Or would it be a huge rewrite kinda thing?

Re: CD-ROM issues in OSX

I would LOVE to help but my knowledge of coding stopped about 10 years ago in high school when I was learning pascal so.. Anyone want to PM me and tell me how I can do this? I can't donate a Mac but I have the time and inclination to help..

Re: CD-ROM issues in OSX

Can anyone explain why this is NOT a problem with the Windows version? I don't seem to remember having to use the 'label' command even once with this same set of games. I am positive I never did with UAKM. Is there a way to set up the Mac version so it automatically labels the disk based on what OS …

Re: CD-ROM issues in OSX

Well, here is another issue. UAKM asks you to swap disks quite frequently. I swap the disk out and hit CTRL-F4 and it still doesn't detect the disk as being correct. I exit, remount the disk with the label DISK2 then I can start the game. Sort of. Because as soon as you hit New Game, it asks for …

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