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Re: MCA Adlib card -- just need pictures

Thats very good news and very good work. 👍 I have a Model 80 PS/2 and I'am interested to get one of the Plaid Bib cards. Though my soldering skills are rather basic. Is someone going to produce some cards (ready to plug)? I would compensate the efforts.

Re: Style problems/bugs

in Milliways
I also find the dotted line box that appears around e.g. the Quick Reply, Notifications (when opened), Choose thread page drop down (when opened) etc. irritating as it is offset and not fitting to anything else shown. When in a thread I think the thread page navigation on top right/bottom right is …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

If I read the product specs of the lowcost VGA2USB correctly ( https://www.epiphan.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/epiphan-vga2usb-brochure.pdf ) then it always captures interlaced. And the 14 fps interlaced at 640x480 you see correspond to 28 fps progressive as written in the spec. (deinterlacer …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

Hmm this does not help so much as for the videos the capture fps was set to 30fps. Just enable the preview and read the effective incoming fps. I made a sketch: https://retronn.de/ftp/pictures/software/vdub.png In my picture it shows 0 - 1 fps as there is no source connected. If a source is …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

The fps shown in the Epiphan tool itself is not so reliable to judge actual fps achieved in capturing. How much fps do you get e.g. in VirtualDub and does it increase if you choose YUV instead of RGB888 ?

Re: VGA Capture Thread

In Kukoo2 also at the bottom about 1.8 of the chessboard tiles from the perspective scroller are not visible. In Ambience OSSC seems show the fields as progressive and switches every half second between the odd and even field. You never see the complete screen. Regarding game capture I agree …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

The speed of the mode changes is really good. Personally it would bother me that with the scaling one looses the possibility to do pixel precise captures. Though generally the image quality in your setup looks convincing. Have you ever tried what your setup delivers with real custom VGA modes? Test …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

If I read that correctly the Magewell card has its strength with digital signals (starting from 480p modes?) and offers fast mode changes. On the other hand I would expect a fast reaction on mode changes if the input signal is already a digital one. But for analog VGA you still rely with that card …

Re: Weird VLB S3 928 graphics card

The memory chips are 265Kx8 VRAMs, so the card has 1 MB. If you can not get the card working and want to reuse the memory chips, be aware that you can not use VRAMs for EDO DRAM chipsets. Might work for S3 964/968 or Weitek P9100.

Re: Voodoo graphics mod 4 to 8mb

I see about half the performance gain in Unreal compared to the video, though that might be due to some setting details. As soon as you change to 800x600 the fps is lower than 640x480 with a 4 MB V1. Most of the early glide games work only with a 4 MB V1. Setting environment vars to limit memory …

Re: New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

No, we're keeping it as is. First, there is not much sense in it as it would deprive the Soundfont loading capability. Ok, so having the Emu8K directly accessible through 0x620 and providing general MPU-401 access to it through e.g. a MC68K would not be possible at the same time? And every feature …


I think the main advantage of the dual ported nature of VRAM was that in high resolution + refresh modes the DAC does not take the main part of the available memory bandwidth. On a comparable DRAM cards at high res / high refresh modes the card goes slow as the memory bandwidth for drawing goes down …

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