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Re: Font size

Well, "weird" is subjective, and I know some retro-minded folks who consider the CGA text appearance quite nostalgic. Anyway, as I mentioned before, DOSBox emulates old PC video standards. Although vDos is based on DOSBox, it throws out the video emulation and uses font-based text rendering like the …

Re: Font size

Because DOSBox emulates old PC video standards, it is not as flexible as the NTVDM with regard to what fonts can be used. Character symbols must be 8 pixels wide. There is a mode where a 9th pixel column is copied from the 8th pixel column for certain characters, and while this creates a noticeable …

Re: Font size

Are you using DOSBox 0.74-3? Have you tried an SVN build? Also, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a screen capture can help others better understand your issue.

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

I can only guess that it's due to different settings, e.g. you use sbtype=sb1/sb2 or sbmixer=false in those cases where Dune 2 is not affecting your mixer settings. Perhaps there is some confusion as to which .conf file is being used. You can check the current settings by typing "sbtype" and " …

Re: Enable Game Blaster Sound on DosBox

Use a setting of sbtype=gb and run the game with a "g" command line parameter: monkey g You can get a list of other command line parameters with an unknown parameter: monkey blah With sbtype=gb and running the game with no command line parameter you will get PC speaker sound. Note that with sbtype= …

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