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Re: Jurassic Park (Ocean)

Well, of course I mount the .cue file. Otherwise you would not be able to access the directory and run INSTALL.EXE from the CD-Rom. Make sure that your .cue file lists audio tracks, because it might not. A quirk of the game is to set the SB, FM, and CD sound volumes quite low, so try setting …

Re: Problem with Powerslave on Windows 10

the Runtime Error 200 occurs when DOSBox auto-switches to dynamic core on default settings. That error may occur with dynamic core, but it depends on the host processor. There is one piece of game code that uses specific flag behavior of multiply instructions that often exists in legacy processors. …

Re: Speedy3D support in DOSBox

It's hard to know exactly what you refer to: IRQ or INT. FYI, IRQ numbers are generally noted in decimal, INT numbers in hex. EGA cards (and apparently a very few VGA cards) generate IRQ 9 on vertical retrace, which is INT 0x71, and the BIOS handler for that interrupt calls INT 0x0A (cascade from …

Re: Speedy3D support in DOSBox

The C800-CFFF segment range is implemented as RAM for the emulated DOS private area. The internal mouse driver INT 33h handler is there and can be corrupted by errant programs. At C7FF:0010 an EB (short jump) appears to have been somehow changed to FF in your example.

Re: Speedy3D support in DOSBox

You seem to have the stack order backwards: a push subtracts from SP, a pop adds to SP, so the flags are at SP+4 for code inside an interrupt handler. Anyway, in cpu/callback.cpp are a few functions: CALLBACK_SZF, CALLBACK_SCF, and CALLBACK_SIF for setting the Z, C, and I flags on the return stack. …

Re: MULE386 does not draw certain screens

On the main menu, the "configure hardware" option has 4 keyboard icons -- presumably keys for each player, and the "button" key for player 1 is "S" by default, so press that. ;) BTW, the game is using a register-tweaked variant of video mode 13h, which seems to be why it's not compatible with the …

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