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Re: Blood 1997 & Gravis Ultrasound

Ah, well, I only use the official 4.11 patch set; but it's good to be aware that PPL could be problematic in some cases. Maybe the PPL version of the "bad" patch could be fixed with a tweak of ULTRAMID.INI, though I don't really understand how the numbers in there work.

Re: Occasional/Random Stutter

The fact that it's only OpenGL output affected is a very strong indicator. There have been others who made similar reports saying vsync made no difference, only to come back later and admit it wasn't disabled after all because they didn't change the setting in the right place.

Re: Blood 1997 & Gravis Ultrasound

Tried it with Blood 1.11, and it's working here in 0.74-3 and SVN. You didn't mention it, but can we assume you have the necessary GUS MIDI files installed (i.e. C:\ULTRASND\MIDI\ containing a bunch of .PAT files and an ULTRAMID.INI file)? If not, there's a guide of sorts for installing the files: …

Re: Win16: SVGA driver issue

Things would be easier if DOSBox supported IBM 8514/A (or compatible, ATI Mach32?), XGA or TIGA* which Windows 3.1 has built-in support for. Sadly, this is not the case. Because DOS games don't use these video standards (there's one Mahjongg game for 8514/A). I guess you refer to this game: …

Re: 42

"Six by nine. Forty two." "That's it. That's all there is." "I always thought something was fundamentally wrong with the universe."

Re: Writing a patch in ASM *SOLVED*

If you can't or don't want to simply pass the value in a register or in a memory variable, the standard method is to use BP in the subroutine: push bp mov bp,sp mov bx,[bp+offset_to_word_value_on_stack] ... pop bp ret The reason BP is the standard is because its default segment is SS and has to be …

Re: Rules of Engagement 2 IGS

The problem with not running BREACH2 is in fact an issue with DOSBox's emulation of DOS, unrelated to ROE2's IRQ 0 bug. However, I must say that the 1.08 version of RULES2.COM is relying on byproduct behavior of DOS, and the developers very likely did that by accident. In any case, I added a fix for …

Re: TNDY Tracker - Tracker Music with SN76489 - Tandy 1000 / Tandy 3 Voice ISA Cards / Tandy / TNDLPT Parallelport Devic

so if you were trying to "behave" properly, you'd change the rate of INT08 but still put in your 08 handler to call 1Ch at 18.2 Hz, or as close to that rate as you can IMO, a better approach is for the new IRQ 0 handler to finish by jumping to the BIOS IRQ 0 handler (i.e. chain to it) at the usual …

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