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Question to experienced 4DOS users.

Is there any way to real-time read/scan typed (just typed, before run) cmd-line string content to some reserved 4DOS variable? What i need, in example: Have hot-key alias to edit.com on F4 key, like @@F4=edit.com. Now i want put name of file as argument for edit.com and take name from such variable. …

Re: Wolfenstein 3D Movement Issues

Not a big deal if you moves slightly in vertical axis in such trapless game - without pitfalls, crushers and etc. Also you can't record your moves in demo, at least in original DOS game. So no catwalk and speed demos and nobody cares. However you may use DOS mouse driver with ability to set …

Re: Does Kali Still Work?

Kali master (tracking) server just dead but it not required for work, you always can act as server or specify server address as client without it. Also you can ask these guys. http://maraakate.org/kali/contact.html IRC channel is still active.

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