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Re: Wolfenstein 3D Movement Issues

Not a big deal if you moves slightly in vertical axis in such trapless game - without pitfalls, crushers and etc. Also you can't record your moves in demo, at least in original DOS game. So no catwalk and speed demos and nobody cares. However you may use DOS mouse driver with ability to set …

Re: Does Kali Still Work?

Kali master (tracking) server just dead but it not required for work, you always can act as server or specify server address as client without it. Also you can ask these guys. http://maraakate.org/kali/contact.html IRC channel is still active.

Re: 4DOS Color Prompt?

I think putting 4CLOCK.COM in bottom-left edge and shifting PROMPT string slightly to the right can do trick. But only current PROMPT would be animated by this way. In all prior upper PROMPTs you will see timestamps, not real time clock. Sorry, reading your "real-time char animation", like a real- …

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