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Re: Meanwhile on Mars...

in Milliways
Lolwat? Running an interplanetary probe on Win98 sounds positively nutty. I'd hope that the actual critical systems are managed by something else. The space agency didn’t go into a great deal of detail regarding the specs of the hardware receiving the update, however Tom's Hardware speculated it …

Re: What music are you listening to?

in Milliways
Never really warmed to his post-clink albums. But then "warm" may not be the best term to use with this type of music. Voïvod - Suck Your Bone (RIP Piggy) Hawkwind - Spirit of the Age (RIP Huw Lloyd-Langton) Manilla Road - From Beyond (RIP Mark Shelton) They're really dropping off like flies aren't …

Re: MCGA monitor at 15 KHz?

For now I've been looking a little deeper into that Model 30-286 (VGA, not MCGA) video BIOS. Mainly to satisfy my own curiosity about whether those character bitmaps at E000:8F00 onwards are ever used at all. I can't find any code with an obvious reference to that data, at least nothing as obvious …

Re: DOOM with ray-tracing

in Milliways
FioGermi wrote on 2022-04-20, 08:09: I often joke about how Raytracing sometimes comes down to making an entire game's floors all shiny, reflective and wet. When your off-planet research base gets overrun by demonic hellspawn, the plumber is always the first to go. 🙁

Re: DOOM with ray-tracing

in Milliways
It may be interesting as a tech demo, but on the visual side it doesn't look like something I'd actually want to play. A bit like ZdoomGL/GZDoom with just the annoying visual distractions turned up to 11.

Re: CGA Composite Mode under DOSBOX

Might I suggest an alternative for a possible patch? F12: auto / on (early) / on (late) / off (Alt)-F11 could remain as is, to control hue. In that case the 'auto' setting would also need to have the 'early'/'late' duplication. Either way, you seem to be referring to the older version of the patch, …

Re: AI run amok? Facebook moderating issues.

in Milliways
Dude, that's what they do. Everyone's got an AI to detect "fraud", an AI to detect "copyright infringement", an AI to detect "misinformation", an AI to detect "abuse". And to back up all that intelligence, there's the armies of $0.05-an-hour drones paid to *think* like AIs, only more motivated to …

Re: Rick Dangerous (1989) +8 TRAINER

in DOS
Outstanding job! IIRC I had a "pre-trained" hack of Rick somewhere, and that's the only way I was able to see the later levels. But this one is infinitely better - save/load, custom controls, high score saving... well done!

Re: MASM and DEBUG in Dosbox

Try the enhanced DEBUG found here: https://sites.google.com/site/pcdosretro/enhdebug (download link at the bottom). Works just fine in DOSBox without jumping through any hoops, but still fully compatible with DOS's DEBUG.EXE. I'd definitely recommend looking into DOSBox's built-in debugger anyway, …

Re: Ears/speakers test

in Milliways
According to the youtube test and the one in post #3, my threshold is around 17,100 Hz. Must be uncommon at my age... Not that I really trust youtube audio compression to preserve much fidelity at higher frequencies.

Re: VGA games with only 16 colors

in DOS
RGBI is what it is. 16 color Windows uses the same RGBI. And ZX Spectrum just does not have the IBM CGA introduced BROWN color, istead has dark yellow. I do not see any difference in RGBI and Windows 16 color display. Only one GREY level added. ZX spectrum has 2 BLACKS. Maybe some VGA cards or …

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