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Re: If you could only choose 12 games...

in Milliways
Ok my all time favorites: 1. Terminator Future Shock / Skynet - dont know why i love this game so much. it could be the films or the gamplay or the athmosphere, i really dont know... 2. Battle Isle 2 + Titan's Legacy - simply the best turn based hardcore strategy game ever! 3.System Shock - a …

Re: Z.A.R. Zone of Artificial Resources

in Milliways
Z.A.R. is a real unique game and one of the reasons i have a retro pc. it has a great voxel engine that is capable of using MMX instructions to enhance image quality (extreme assault comes to mind). it was very popular in russia and a mission pack was also released at its time. but getting an …

Re: List the PC games that you have beaten

in Milliways
hey, long time no see. damn my last update was 2008 lol. ok here are my games i've beaten the last two years: Albion Anvil of Dawn Armed Assault Gold Black and White 2 + Battle of the Gods Boiling Point Borderlands + DLCs Burnout Paradise Clive Barker's Jericho Command & Conquer 3 - Kanes Wrath …

Re: Omikron the Nomad Soul - problem with graphics

in Windows
yeah those blocks look strange. i have played omikron some years ago with my gf6800 and had no problems at all. maybe its a driver problem or the card (ATI) itself. you can try some sort of ATI tweak tool where you can modify direct3d stuff more deeply and/or reduce the hardware acceleration …

Re: Terminator Skynet problem

there is not much what you can do. i play it also with mostly default settings and it runs quite stable. you can try my skynet.exe (hope its ok to upload it) if you want and see if it makes some difference. but make a backup of your original exe first and patch the game to 1.01. using the latest …

Re: Classic DOS Games interviews QBix (DOSBox Developer)

in Milliways
thanks for the link. Nope what we need is an autographed photo of Qbix and Harekiet. Then we can put the pictures in our wallets, desktop, wall and stare at them all day long. Wait I just had an idea..... They could put their photo's in as the background to the DOSBox console. Brilliant! lol yeah as …

Re: Windows games that look better using Glide

in Milliways
I think I remember Diablo 2 performing better using Glide than D3D but I'm not sure about graphics improvements. thats true, diablo2 was build from the ground up using the glide 3x API. directx6 was implemented very late in development and was also very limited. Sven Labusch the developer of the …

Re: Aspetra

hi, ive never heard anything about that game before. but after a little search i found a good review and the free/shareware version here . it seems to be a good but unknown console-style RPG. i will do some testings and try to reproduce the error. EDIT: ok ive got the same error like you under …

Re: Crusader No Remorse/No Regret @ 48 KHz

in DOS
thats great, i should try it with my awe 64 gold at 44.1 khz under real DOS, but 48 khz is not possible with this card i think. playing both games under dosbox by increasing also the oplrate seems to be worth a try. thanks for the info. 😀

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