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Re: Sound Blaster Emulator for Dos?

in Milliways
there was "Virtual Sound Blaster" and "Tandy Emulator" by Andrew Zabolotny. final versions and source code: http://cs.ozerki.net/zap/pub/vsb/ Virtual Sound Blaster v2.02 This is a program written by Andrew Zabolotny a long time ago when few people owned Sound Blaster's but many had Covoxes and …

Re: Interesting - ALS4000 DOS support

a board that old should still support DOS audio even with onboard soundchip. try running NSSI to determine your onboard soundcard. NSSI: http://www.navsoft.cz/ http://www.navsoft.cz/images/NSSIMAIN.png i always recommend ESS Tech soundcards for DOS audio. they are noisy, but they just work. if they …

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