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Re: Pinball Fantasies no-scroll patch for dosbox 0.65

Thank you for your quick reply. I have answered on GITHub already and are only looking at your answer here now. As I wrote I really don't know what a Pull Request is. Could you try to add it to the Master Branch? For the moment we have a precompiled .exe here, so take your time :) Thanks for making …

Re: Pinball Fantasies no-scroll patch for dosbox 0.65

Finally! I managed to patch my own version, compile it and it works now! (Version 7.4) Although I am IT professional, being a Windows guy I am really not used to compile stuff my on my own and this proved to be really difficult for me. As I would have liked to find this exe somewhere but could not, …

Disable Joystick ingame but enable in mapper?

Hi Guys If I set Joysticktype=none, the joystick is not seen by the game anymore, however I would like to be able to map keyboard-keys to it. However if I open the mapper and try to add joystick-command this fails. Any Idea if this can be done config wise? I would like to have this option as my game …

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