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Re: Does Descent 1 3dfx work with GliDos?

Oh, definitely... Specs: GeForce Ti4400 128Meg 512Megs of Ram AMD Athlon XP +1700 (2.1Ghz) Windows XP Pro SP1 Creative Labs SoundBlaster Audigy /w Audigy 2 drivers Counter-strike, among other things runs just fine in OpenGL. Any other ideas? Perhaps if I could get "dummy" instructions on exactly …

Manual Resulution Management

Howdy!!! Glidos rules. Okay: I'm running a Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop with a 15.5 inch widescreen display. The aspect ratio is 1.6, and the native resolution is 1920x1200. Is there a way that I can set a resolution that would would better match the aspect of my display? It's definitely tolerable, and …

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