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Re: XWingCD: MIDI music slow

I actually disabled Motherboard Monitor when I realized it could be a problem, but I'll make sure I have the newest version. I thought I was relatively up-to-date with it. As I didn't uninstall it, just quit running it, it's device driver could still have been causing problems.

Re: XWingCD: MIDI music slow

I did more research last night, and it appears that 2000's ntvdm is kind of known for this. Which seems odd, because if that were true, then all of you guys would see this all the time. When I said that my command.com, without the sound driver, was a 0%: it is only at 0% if it isn't doing anything. …

Re: XWingCD: MIDI music slow

OK, I tried the files in the ZIP file that Leolo provided, with no success. Then, I tried to set it for no music...and still saw the problem. So, then, I looked more closely. Turns out, my DOS box (ntvdm session) quickly jumps up to 99% CPU utilization when the driver runs. I know this can't be …

Re: XWingCD: MIDI music slow

I'd done tons of work at trying to solve the problem before bugging you guys, and you've obviously done tons of work on the programs here in general, so it only seemed fair to give you what you asked for. :) I don't THINK it was slow without the music, but I need to try that again tonight. Will do …

XWingCD: MIDI music slow

First of all, wow...this is amazing. SB16? Stereo? Really? Cool! I am the proud owner of a Yamaha DB50XG. It used to sit happily on an SB16, then a Vortex (RIP Aureal), and now, it lives on a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz. I decided a week or so ago to try to play my old XWing CD, so I booted to 98, and …

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