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Re: Wing Commander III - Sound issues

This patch also fixes most of the distortion in Realms of the Haunting and Harvester. http://tinyurl.com/32nao4 H-a-l-9000, could you attach diff for "autoinit version" (or compiled DOSBox)? I would like to test it too but I am not a programmer and I am not sure what to replace.

Harvester - sound problems

I have sound glitches in the game Harvester. Bad results are in DOSBox, Windows XP or Windows XP with VDMSound. Sound setup utility with sound test can run without the game so I attached it if anyone want to test it.

Re: GUS sampling interpolation

This GUS thread reminded me problems I had in some games http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=3701&highlight=tucker I tried the latest CVS and "clicking" is still there. I noticed it in these games: Blue Ice Bud Tucker in Double Trouble Discworld 2 D Callahan Crosstime Saloon Gene Machine Here is a …

Re: desktop toolbars problem

in Milliways
It seems that for most (maybe all?) games is sufficient just to disable "always on top" in right toolbar. If anybody wants to see a demonstration of this Windows "feature", run attached OpenGL demo in fullscreen.

desktop toolbars problem

in Milliways
I have icon toolbars on top, left and right of my Windows desktop with "always on top" checked. When I run some games in fullscreen that switch the desktop resolution, toolbars sometimes flicker in the game as they are trying to stay on the top. Is there a way to fix it without always unchecking " …

Re: Discworld 2 not working in XP or DOS

in Windows
Or Vista - Windows installation on Vista PreRC (build 5536) seems to be working fine in Windows 95 compatibility mode (I played only part of the game). Update: If the game is saved, it will freeze on next start. 😠

Return of the Phantom - CD install solution

Return of the Phantom by MicroProse Software works fine in DOSBox 0.65 (with speech) but the CD version install still gives the error: "The game needs 0 bytes of disk space. You only have 0 bytes available". So here is a temporally solution (until it is solved in DOSBox) for installing the game: 1) …

Re: Problem with Destruction Derby need Help

You can install the game in CVS of DOSBox http://cvscompile.aep-emu.de/dosbox.htm But if you have only the version from rapidshare, it will not run anyway after installation, because it needs CD in drive. You may try to find another version or no-cd patch, then the game should run in DOSBox, but it …

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