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Re: TANDY mode mouse support?

Why would use CuteMouse within DOSBox? DOSBox already provides its own built-in mouse driver. It doesn't appear to work when you're booting from an image and bypassing the built-in DOS shell. When using the built-in shell/utilities boot, the mouse works flawlessly. In TANDY mode, when booting from …

TANDY mode mouse support?

I'm not able to get any mouse functional in TANDY mode under Dosbox; I'm using a serial mouse on my real desktop 1000TX. CuteMouse appears to detect a PS/2 mouse but it gives very scrambled motion and only actually moves to the top/left. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Re: Emulating floppy speeds

if we code it, then yes, but why ? There' s absolutely no practical reason to implement it, but I was hoping it would be possible for this Tandy emu build I'm working on. I'd also toss in "floppy access sound effects" but then what would be next? Emulating CRT monitor whine? Emulating old keyboard …

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