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Re: Any good frontends for OS X?

All the ones I've used so far have been very glitchy, or just won't work at all. Let me introduce "Dapplegrey", a MacOS X frontend I worked on the last 4 - 5 weeks: http://www.classics-for-x.info/csx/dapplegrey/index.htm Supporting the most recent DOSBOX versions 0.65 and 0.70, it still missed some …

Re: D.O.G. 1.53 Released

As you wrote on your web site this, Things to come: * Emulator support other then DOSBox, like WinUAE, QBasic, .. you mean things like "Residual"? This is a subproject developed by the ScummVM team, which is available here: http://www.scummvm.org/subprojects.php This application is simular to DOSBOX …

Re: DOSbox for Mac crashes instantly

KeithPickering wrote: 500 mhz G3 The official 0.70 version for Mac runs on G4/G5 machines and Intel boxes. Can't find the thread yet where this issue has been mentioned. I think it should be mentioned at the downlaod area in any ways... Here is an Inofficial-DOSBox-0.70-build-for-G3

Re: MacOS X Pictorial Guide

Hmm... Will it work if you do a config -writeconf "/Users/your-login-name/Library/Preferences/DOSBox\ Preferences" Wow. Take a look to the result: :lol: Another thought: On Non-Mac platforms, this file is called "dosbox.conf" or "config.conf". If I enter the command as "config -writeconf "/Users/ …

Re: Any Germans Here?

Carrera wrote: Wusste gar nicht, dass es so viele hier gibt, die der deutschen Sprache mächtig sind! Lass das mal durch Bablefish "lofen". 😁 Better not do so. Even if I mix english sentences through Bablefish i must laugh about the result... 😁

Re: MacOS X Pictorial Guide

MiniMax wrote: config -writeconf "/Users/your-login-name/Library/Preferences/DOSBox Preferences" Mac users, be sure to not have a space char in this path. I just checked this line in my MacOS X system and this command saved the file as "/Users/your-login-name/Library/Preferences/DOSBox" 😅

Re: Help installing DOSbox 0.70 on Mac OS X

CONFIG:Loading primary settings from config file /Users/newuser/Library/Preferences/DOSBox Preferences It seems the existing OSX frontends are not updated for years now, some of them comes with DOSBOX 0.61 (like Radnor), some of them with 0.63, but no one with the most recent version 0.65... The …

Re: Help installing DOSbox 0.70 on Mac OS X

Q2) What is the output of the DOSBox status window (if there is such a thing on a Mac)? If you open the Terminal app which is located in the Applications/Utilities folder you've a DOSBOX status window. At first, do a right-click at the DOSBOX app you downloaded here to see the command "Show Packet …

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