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Re: Might and Magic IV issues

I have just tried MM5 (Darkside of the Xeen) and it works. I left "Castleview" and when turning back and returning, an animation with a barbarian appered: "Got a pass. Fuck off." ("fuck off" was correctly said :-) ). And I was when I was before. No crash, no freeze Double check your sound settings ( …

Re: Might and Magic IV issues

Where is that guard guy in the game? I did not play it, just tested at the beginning (the SB crash I was speaking about was appearing for example in Darkside Intro when there were two halves of X colliding and stars exploding around it (but there were other places as well)). I just tested (using non …

MM4, 5

Some time ago I was testing both non-CD version of World of Xeen (made from MM4:Clouds of Xeen and MM5:Darkside of Xeen) and Swords of Xeen in DOSBOX and IMHO they work ok (apart from SB issue - see below). Athlon 1600 should be more than enough for the games. Only problem I know about is …

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