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Re: Elder Scrolls: Arena controls

in DOS
Well, the game designers tried to be original regardless of price... I hated that kind of fighting. They would have done better to stick to normal way of doing things (and if I remember well they returned to normal in Morrowind, probably realizing that this was not a way forward). Mirek

Re: DOS Pascal, DOS C, Dos Fox

I remember having problems with keyboard using the Turbo Pascal directly in NTVDM ages ago... Not that it would not be usable, but there were some problems. IMHO DOSBOX is better. I think that Borland/Tubo Pascal/C++ compilers should work ok in DOSBOX. I did not test it recently, but I did it some …

Re: autoexec doesn't work

It does work... You are doing something wrong. Maybe using a wrong DOSBOX.CONF... Check that other settings in DOSBOX.CONF work for you. If not then it is as I wrote above... Check whether you do not have multiple DOSBOX.CONFs on your computer... Mirek

Re: Savestates?

Well, I guess WD misunderstood you... (thinking that you mean it literally, not ironically - and therefore getting angry). It struck me immediately when I saw both comments in the morning... I wanted to add my reply here but was too lazy... No need to start fighting... Mirek

Re: horrible graphical glitch??

If it is a problem with one game - well, maybe the game does not work in DOSBOX... If it happens always regardless of the game - then the problem is on your side - bad drivers/graphic card whatever... Try to change output modes in DOSBOX.CONF: surface/ddraw/overlay etc... Maybe you have troubles …

Re: Is it possible to port DOSBOX to SymbianOS?

I have just checked again how it is with SDL ports for Symbian, there seems to be a new SDL port for S60 3rd Edition. It is a part of C2Doom project on: http://koti.mbnet.fi/mertama/index_new.html There are links to download SDL sources/binary but they are wrong (upper/lower letters confusion), here …

Re: Project Airos

in DOS
You should write more details about the problems with the game, your configration... Mirek

Game reverse engineering web

in DOS
I have just noticed an interesting thread on Exult board: http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=29856&t=29856 It is about reverse engeneering old games: http://rewiki.regengedanken.de/wiki/Main_Page Quite interesting is for example a page about engines reimplementations for various old …

Re: MSD 6.22 on dosbox

I was told once on this board that for some reason the MS-DOS install doesn't work properly under DOSBox. Try instead to install from QEMU and then use the resulting diskfile with DOSBox. Where precisely was that said? Could you go to details? If it is so , it would be nice to fix it.... This is a …

Re: D-Generation

JayDP wrote: Can you please explain "imgmount" ? of the floppy a:\ drive? I've not seen that term anywhere in the help/FAQ/DOCs. Make the floppy image and mount it. Read README and see the DOSBOX Guides forum. Mirek

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