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Re: DOSBox-X branch

Thanks for the hint! In order to make Disney sound source work with those games I had to set disney=true AND parallel1=disney About the ps1 audio card, I'm still failing to make it work correctly: it's either mute like in Bushbuck ("bushbuck /ps1" at commandline) or giving static/corrupt sounds like …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

Is it me or Disney Sound Source is broken again? Coktel's games I tried that support Intersound MDO clone don't work anymore at least (it works with latest svn build like the EmuCR one). Please can somebody add this problem (and broken Ps1 audio card too) to Dosbox-x github? I registered some time …

Re: Regressive bugs - report them here

I tried "Tokimeki memorial taisen puzzle dama" and "Money idol exchanger", both are most probably directdraw games. No matter what change I try with settings, they both show black and white garbled graphics, or total white screen or white backgrounds with total black sprites, vertical black bands …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

Another question: am I supposed to use latest dosbox-x with internal mt32 emulation or external munt driver? I noticed that using external one emulation is better: all the games I tried seem to play mt32 tunes at lower (wrong) pitch if I use the internal one.

Re: dgvoodoo2's bugs feat. obscure games

Now I'm boosted to test if other games are fixed. Rockman123, Bear hero, zero comico: Working PERFECT Rc de go: Working GOOD (extremely slow loading on startup) puzzle bobble 4: Working GOOD (slow performance) suchie pai 3: Working GOOD (minor glitches, if it switches to windowed mode during intro …

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