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Re: Collecting rants

Now, HERE's the card you all secretly want ! 😆 https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-RARE-Geforce-Fx-5800-Ultra-AGP-GPU-Video-Card-Great-Condition-TESTED/292675932134 ..and if that leaves a bad taste in your wallet... (and if you can wait a couple of months for it to pass customs) - This thing should be …

Re: Collecting rants

Nice catch . I hope it works (my last used Geforce 3 Ti200 was DOA :( ) . Funny you should say that... just tested it, and it works fine, but the fan does NOT (turn at all!).... 😂 So, after a few minutes of Doom2, the metal of the cooler element gets somewhat hot, but not anywhere near scorching. …

Re: Collecting rants

Heh, talking about 'mislabeled' Radeons.... I saw a someone earlier this year presumably selling a boxed Radeon 9250 with some stuff inside, but only showing pictures of the (original) box etc, and then the card itself lying inside in a very obscuring metallic antitstatic bag. Now, having been duped …

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