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Re: Keep DBs off SB16s!!

Hi, I just bought this "Roland MPU-401/MPU-IPC/MPU-IPC-T" card and breakout box, I put lazy bet on it and won it for $11 AUS (about $8) delivered, however im not sure what use it is, I can connect this to external sound modules? And would that be better than a soundblaster? And I assume it has no …

Re: Updated comparison of DOS soundcards

Hi, I've got a 2meg Ensoniq Soundscape card and would more than happy to supply samples for this card, are you the person to email as I was unsure when having a quick look at the site. In the few games I've tried it sounds superior to the AWE64 card I have, i.e Doom, Tie Fighter and System Shock …

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