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Re: DOSBox with a Really Fast Processor

gulikoza wrote: Perhaps read the topic here and ask if something is not clear enough 😀 Thanks, I'll probably give it another try when I get home (Monday, perhaps?). Maybe I don't have more interest in using 3Dfx at the moment than Qbix has in implementing it 😅

Re: DOSBox with a Really Fast Processor

Sorry, in the last 2 years sometimes I've really tried to understand what on earth I need to run that in glide, but I've never got past that 'pci bus not found' message... I've searched on the forum and in google, no success :s-face: Maybe my fault, yes, but I'm over a few hours of work on this …

Re: DOSBox with a Really Fast Processor

Blood is absolutely playable on an (overclocked) E6420 @ 3.33GHz in 800x600 while it could lag on my previous rig (athlon xp @ 2.22GHz) even in 320x200. That's what I call nice improvement...! Tomb Raider in 640x480 could really use some more strength though... or maybe a better JIT compiler ;) I've …

Re: Rates Poll

I configure all of them to 48khz. It originates in the fact that otherwise my old live! did some resampling on them. Now I have an x-fi but I did not feel like changing them, I don't think I would gain anything (neither speed nor quality-wise) if I set them to 44.1 or 96khz 😁

Re: DOSBox and Xargon

Yesterday I tried to play with this game and I found that it simply does not start in the latest CVS (0.70.2007.04.10) by Ykhwong. It does not give any error messages and it does not kill DosBox, just exits to DosBox CLI immediately. But to my surprise it could run under 0.61 (with sound and music …

Re: Demanding games for DOSBOX? *Conroe test*

Comanche 3 is perfect too. The AMD 64 3400+ is nothing compared to a Conroe E6600 though - it's easily 3 times faster for Dosbox - *and* has two cores. When I read it more than a month ago it sounded like an overstatement, but I could not find any Dosbox benchmarks so I decided to do some myself. …

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