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Re: Recent games made for MS-DOS

in Milliways
Also - there are some new games coming, I will add them at the end of the month. All of them are part of DOS programming competition I held on my website - http://www.high-voltage.cz/2017/soutez-tvorba-hry-pro-dos-2017-anketa/ I just played Silly Knight and I like how its cheats reference Prince of …

Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

The revised Ancient DOS Games Episode 211 - Pickle Wars is online! The revision is 95% the same as the original. The only changes is that the ragey part which so many people didn't like was removed and I added a short on-camera section at the start of the video to explain what happened and present …

Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

I'm just going to put this out there; I love FM synthesis, and I think it's a more accurate representation of the DOS gaming experience than General MIDI. By the time computers started to have decent support for General MIDI, most people had moved on from DOS gaming. Yes, there are plenty of DOS …

Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

There's a difference between a constant and a literal. In QBasic you have the keyword CONST to declare a constant. For example, CONST PI = 3.14. What you called a constant is actually a literal. There are some other statements that can be harmful if used incorrectly: OUT , DEF SEG , POKE , WAIT . …

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