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Re: Odd idea, might not fit here but....

It's always nice to have a program run in lots of oses. A couple of remalks: - First, you need a c++ compiler for that platform, I wouldn't be surprised there is one for palm os/windows mobile - Second, you need to rewrite certain parts of dosbox that are os dependent. - Third, you need a port of …

Re: Determining CPU Cycles?

I've thought of something like that too, but I think that the identification of the game should be based on a hash number or something like that (md5sum and the like). Anyway it's not top priority for me since I play a little number of games on dosbox. 😀

Re: Comments on the screenshots of the cvs

@icemann I've tried it (your post pushed my curiosity 😀 and ... it doesn't work. It says that there's not enough memory. I've tried playing with emssize and xmssize with no luck. Anyways you will be glad to know that z26 😁 (atari 2600 emu) works nicely. I have fun playing a2600 games seriously 😀

I've got it working :)

It works for me.... but I didn't install it with the original installer, I got it from an abandonware CD and it seems to have a correct config.dat. Probably just dosbox can't install it right. Here it is my config.dat 😉

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