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Re: Mouse uncontrollable

Well it could be that your computer is too slow for running the games you're trying in dosbox. Emulating requires a lot of power. I'd say my P3 800 turns into a 386 in dosbox. Anyway search the forum for setting that get the max out of your computer in dosbox.

Re: Joystick compatibility with Privateer 2

First of all we've got to be sure that dosbox recognizes your joystick. Look at the message window in dosbox. You should find something like "Using joystick (name) with n axes and i buttons." If it's there then dosbox has found your joystick and it's a compatibility problem with that game. In that …


This has been discussed billions of times. Always search before posting. Anyway...: You can't change the files value in dosbox. Dosbox sets it internally to a value that should be enough for most applications. Try running it and if it doesn't work try creating a "fake" config.sys in the folder …

Re: Compiling on Zarus/Qtopia GCC 2.95.2

I guess that SDL is to blame in this case. I find strange that SDL doesn't support cdrom in the zaurus port. If the device doesn't have a cdrom SDL should fake it or something. If the Zaurus port of the SDL requires you to modify your programs I wouldn't call it a real SDL :happyhappy: . Regarding …

Re: help with joystick

I can only tell you the obvious but there it goes 😀: The game may have a way to configure input but I guess you've already tried that. If the game is set to use a joystick and it can't still find it you can't do much about it. Joystick doesn't work in some games in dosbox. Good luck

Re: Problems with SC & Joystick

can it be that Sc dont support such a "Complicated" joystick, and that i have to buy a "simple one" -a 2 axis - 4 buttons gamepad/joystick?? :s-face: No, AFAIK games see a "standard" joystick. I think that this game has been discussed before. Search the forum. Anyway joystick doesn't work properly …

Re: Error Message on Start-up

That's very strange. So after installing dosbox normally you can't open it and besides that it breaks windows?. When someone can't open dosbox is usually due to problems with the graphic card drivers but this doesn't look like it. Maybe there's something wrong with windows and dosbox just exposes it …

Re: "man" under MinGW?

I've always wondered what the difference (and pros/cons) between MinGW and Cygwin are, as I'm unfamiliar with both. Well, I don't know if you know this but cygwin implements unix apis so that you can compile and run unix programs in windows. AFAIK Mingw is just a port of gcc and some unix utils to …

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