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Re: AMD issues with dgVoodoo

(I moved the affected posts here because they are not about a dgVoodoo regressive bug but related to AMD) The newest adrenaline is 22.5.2 if I see it right. So, D3D12 doesn't work with that but it does with downgrading 22.3.2?

Re: Command & Conquer: Generals alt-tab crash

You can try disabling option DirectX\DisableAltEnterToToggleScreenMode. In that case, dgVoodoo does not put the DX device into lost state and does not minimize the window so the game might survive. But, if the game looks for losing the focus and "get confused", then it unfortunately won't help.

Re: Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate

This game seems to expect the physical window size to match the game resolution. Forced resolution and various scaling modes break that circumstance. I guess the game could be patched but I won't do it since it's a gog build. Btw, this seems to be a sw-only rendered ddraw game so forced resolutions …

Re: problem with lands of lore 2 3dfx dos version

Finally I could check this out (altough I used my old DosBox Ykhwong build). The cursor flashing occurs because the game kinda 'emulates' the hardware cursor and draws it directly into the front (visible) buffer. Even with built-in Glide emulation I get some flashing. For the framerate problem, an …

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