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Re: From your experience, what have you found to be the most robust, reliable hardware to date?

krcroft wrote: Cobra42898 wrote: Seagate ST-225. 20mb. Rarely used but still working. Seconding those old Seagates! I have a ST-352A which I killed by accidentally putting the master/slave jumpers on incorrectly 🙁 Speaking of which, what component actually dies when you do this? Is it repairable?

Re: Voodoo 5 killed itself. Fixable?

Is there any way that I could identify the specific RAM chip that's failed, so that one day I could potentially have it replaced? Or maybe it's better to just replace them all, because if one died, maybe the others aren't far behind... What about flashing it with a BIOS to disable one of the GPUs, …

Voodoo 5 killed itself. Fixable?

I have a Voodoo 5 5500 Mac PCI flashed with PC BIOS. The card was working fine, could play games with no issues, etc. Recently I went to open a game, and upon launching, the graphics had fairly bad artifacting and the entire computer locked up shortly after. After rebooting, this is what the video …

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