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Re: Revised list of Voodoo games for DOS.

in PC Emulation
there is no point in playing glide versions of dn3d/blood/shadow warrior! they don't turn the game more 3D, they just apply billinear filtering on the screen, nothing really special or usefull.... all these games use the same engine, but only blood uses it's voxel spacing in some sprites, like …

Question about LAPC-I and windows MIDI playback...

in PC Emulation
... just to be sure 100% , I have this question regarding midi playback on the LAPC-I... when playing a standar midi file in windows, that sounds great on a DB60XG, is it normal (since it is a GM file) to sound crap on the LAPC-I ? I am sure it is normal, but does not hurt to ask! I am asking this …

Turtle Beach TBS2000 ISA sound card: a good one!

in PC Emulation
Well, I have been fiddling with various ISA soundcards to use on my Amiga4000 + 486 bridgebard (the PC bridgeboard can use isa cards, like 2 computers in 1 case) various attmepts with SB16's (pnp models unfortunatelly) failed or had limited success, so I started testing non-creative cards (the pnp …

Re: Ultima Collection

in DOS
have a look here: http://members.iinet.net.au/~rsd/ patches to run U7/8 in windows....

Recommend me an ISA VGA card....

in PC Emulation
Hi, do you have any recommendations for an ISA vga card??? I have a CL5420/1MB and CL5422/1MB , maybe there is another better? what about the ISA Tseng 4000 cards? I need one that works OK (also in keen games) and I only used CL isa cards... thanks!

Re: Really cool EGA card

in PC Emulation
yeah, most certain a multi-monitor EGA display card, with breakout cable to be used in airports/stock market or whatever.... 4x256kb ega cards.... perhaps each one can show different things if there was the right software controlling it.

Re: ATI Stereo F/X 16bit ISA combo card, any info?

in PC Emulation
it says ATI VGA WODER 28800... interesting enough, it has 2 flash BIOS, to save vga and sound settings, both are controlled by DOS progs, the soundcard needs no driver whatsoever, you choose dma/address and line in settings and save to flash, and the vga can output pal/ntsc/ega/cga/vga-mono and a …

Re: LAPC-I card and pentium166mmx system

in PC Emulation
yes, it is a crappy mobo, I cannot find the model or make, I had to look pics of pentium mobos, to find a bunch oem ones that look exactly like that (except colors and minor details).... bah! I hope the new intel made one is better....

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