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Re: How about a MR-BIOS ROM file repository?

I tried SiS Rabbit, C&T Peak/DM and Topcat MR-BIOS. None of them can enable the cache on the boards. It's kind of disappointing because these are all high performance chipsets that could have really benefited from MR-BIOS tweaks. Only the Topcat chipset can be excused, because this chipset doesn't …

Re: Windows 3.11 vs. Windows 95

In a way it was. Have to put yourself back in a dos/3x mindset. Typical PCs would have been 486's and early Pentiums. Mostly ISA. Well, they've actually managed to regress in one aspect from Win 3.11 to Win 95: video. They've removed the DCI interface without replacing it late in the beta: https:// …

Re: Windows 3.11 vs. Windows 95

Win 95 RTM is such a different beast from OSR 2.5 Build 950C that it's totally worth having both in your collection. If you find a cheap RTM copy, by all means, grab it. Win95 RTM feels more like a beta releases with missing features. You need to install DirectX to make it a gaming machine and have …

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