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Re: Warcraft II Fr Dos install DosBox bug

You need to mount a hard drive too - you start set up but set up can't find any hard drive which is probably why it crashed. It can only detect the CD drive. Yes you found the solution, I don't know why I didn't think about that before because anyways I couldn't install the game if I don't have any …

Warcraft II Fr Dos install DosBox bug

I wanted to install Warcraft II French through DosBox. Then I did this : http://img131.imageshack.us/img131/710/dosbox1co1.th.jpg And next, I had this screen : http://img58.imageshack.us/img58/2943/dosbox2nr1.th.jpg On every machine I tried to do this with DosBox installed on this OS/System, it did …

Fullscreen and wide screens

I have a wide screen and if I use fullscreen the screen is stretched, but this doesn't occur in other programs, I tried some different fixed resolutions but it just did a thing : a small screen at the center instead of a 4:3 full one, what is the solution?

Re: Warcraft II Dos install

Are you crazy to talk like a dog oO ?! I can't explain all the error because it's not writable, it's many memory adresses, in blue, with error codes in strange characters.. I should make a screenshot ! I did mount d f:\ -t cdrom Then d: and then "install" I don't know how to be more precise, I think …

Re: Warcraft II Dos install

Hmm.. strange It didn't work this time. And I did the .bin thing of the other topic, and it worked, then I thought it works only when the CD is an image and not physical, and I tried to run install.exe on physical... and it worked!! Then maybe it was buggy only the first time . . . very strange (on …

Re: Capturing Warcraft II Dos music

OK I did and I managed to reproduce one thing I've done I don't know how without the .bin : Having strange music, it's the music, but played in a different way, like real MIDI ^^ this is recorded, but on the non bin I have both Sound Blaster for sound and music set, and on the bin one too, but the …

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