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Re: Site feedback

in Milliways
It seems that admin put that sender to avoid webspiders getting the real address for spam purposes. Some tuning in your spam-filters would help.

Re: I can use only 2 buttons

in DOSBox General
Original PC Joystick connection allowed two joysticks with two axis and two buttons. 4 joystick buttons "steals" two buttons from joystick 2, so 4 axis joysticks do. There are some joysticks that allow more than two buttons on a DB15 connection, but they use their own drivers. I don't know if DOSBox …

Re: How to mount a CD image in DOS 6.22

in DOSBox General
Sorry, I'm spanish and I didn't understand your post too well. In fact, I have some doubts about what are you trying to do. - Are you trying to boot a HD image or are you trying to boot a CD-ROM with DosBox? If you're trying the first, DosBox emulates DOS, no need to boot any HD image... you can …

Re: GTA 1. Starting but..

in DOS
You can download a native Windows version of GTA1 from the web site of rockstar (about 300 Mb). Sadly, you can't run London 1969 with this version.

Re: X-Com Apocalypse...

FakeCD emulates a CD drive. Mount emulates a CD drive... It is something casual? Try this: @echo off xcom3_cd.com mount E: -t cdrom cd xcom3 xcomapoc.exe skip cd.. rem fakecd /U >nul xcom3_cd.com I think that .bat file may cheat the copy protection...[/b]

Re: How to mount a CD image in DOS 6.22

in DOSBox General
You don't have to load any driver to mount the image. Dosbox emulates all calls, so you don't need to load MSCDEX driver. In fact, you can't load any .SYS driver on dosbox. Read the README file... there are some switches in mount for emulating cdrom, setting the volume label, and the access method …

Re: Where do I get Gravis patches?

in DOSBox General
Timidiy use same patches... maybe getting a timidity-patches from any Linux distro may help... You can also download the GUS drivers from www.gravis.com. Get the six floppies and install into DOSBox (they detect your GUS), and the installer will decompress the original patches.


in DOSBox General
Does DosBox support append command? I'm trying to run applications with data files on a CD, so I think append would help me.

Flight Simulator 98

in Windows
Recently I bought FS98, and when running didn't detect my joystick. I applied patch1, and nothing happened. Finally I found somewhere on Internet that renaming my gaming device would help (FS98 only supports 47 or less character names). OK, so my FS98 now detect my joystick but... don't detect any …

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