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Re: Retro confessions. What are yours?

in Milliways
Some guy on Youtube had this video about retro stuff blabbing about how great Duke Nukem 3D was... My opinion? Not only is the game utterly infantile, the sound is terrible, especially considering it was made in 1997. And the low-res graphics desperately trying to look realistic make me want to …

Let's talk about our hated trends

in Milliways
As fashion trends, computers and games have trends that appear and disappear... some to come back (as pixel graphics) and others to die forever (like translucent covers, I hope). So let's talk about our hated trends that we expect to die forever, never come back and be forgotten. Some of my hated …

Re: True Roland MT-32 music in X-Wing CD... possible?

in Milliways
The Windows version should be fairly easy.... Record the MT-32 music from the floppy version and replace the recorded files in the Windows version. Not a big deal. The point is that X-Wing and Tie Fighter use a kind of dynamic music. Imagine that you are patrolling a friendly empty spot in space... …

Re: Retro confessions. What are yours?

in Milliways
Actually it isn't. The game's manual recommands to use keyboard+mouse (because it's not very playable with keyboard only), and the demos DOOM displays were recorded by Romero himself playing with keyboard+mouse. Maybe, but Wolf3D and Doom default settings are uncomfortable (unless you're left- …

Re: Retro confessions. What are yours?

in Milliways
I believe that the "proper era" playing device for Doom is keyboard only. Although I've played many FPS with keyboard+mouse, I feel like cheating when doing so in Doom. Also, I believe that being proud of playing FPS with a gamepad is like being proud of driving a scooter.

Re: Converting GoG and Steam DOSBox games for use on Retropie

in DOS
HoMaM 2 needs their own files, some files present on the CDROM and (optional) the CDROM audio tracks. Look into dosbox cfg files (on the same folder as HoMaM 2) to check how the CD image was loaded. Some time ago, I made it work in my DOS machine, following this steps. - Copy the game files into a …

Re: Lost games

in Milliways
Grand Theft Auto 2 is available in Steam, but there is no option to buy or download. That's because it's part of a special franchise bundle. It's always been that way for the first two GTAs on Steam. Steam and GoG usually don't forget about the games you own, so even if it's not being sold at a …

Re: Unable to delete .fon file, Windows 3.1 emulation

in DOSBox General
There was a small utility called wholockme (there will be others, too) that told you which process was locking a given file. So find out that process, kill it, delete your file and reboot. Also, you can restart windows on safe mode / repair mode (so most services and processes are not running) and …

Re: Favorite win3.1 software?

Indiana Jones ran under Windows 3.x, but I think Yoda Stories required Win9x. I thought it was a Windows 3.1 game, but I've tested and won't run (error 21). So it seems that my memories are hazy... On the other side, I've remembered that Microsoft published a bunch of diskettes with games like " …

Re: turbo button speed

when i push the turbo button - it goes from 66 to 08 - that doesn't seem right to me Where did you saw that? Just remember that (most) speed displays on cases can display whatever you want as long as you can put on 7 segment displays (i.e.: 66/33, HI/LO, those things) and does NOT show anything …

Re: Going "unsynced"... what monitor (and other doubts)?

in Milliways
I've been looking some monitors available in my country, and these three are the strongest contenders... - AOC Gaming 24G2U. I've seen a review where it was connected to an nVidia cards (so I know it will work fine), it has a USB 3.0 hub, can be adjusted in height and (depending on countries) it …

Going "unsynced"... what monitor (and other doubts)?

in Milliways
So I'm thinking about buying a new monitor, and I wanted to check one of those freesync/gsync things. The problem is that (because of COVID and other factors) it is difficult to see a variety of monitors working (so I can see how good/bad image shows). My doubts: - I've got a nVidia 1050 Ti that I'm …

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