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Re: Looking for Terratec EWS64 XL DOS driver files

I have a few of these cards and also a number of installation CDs. I could check those for you. Maybe even contribute the ISO images to Vogonsdrivers? I just remembered that the .ttm file is created by installing the EWS64XL in Windows. You can then use that file for DOS. Or maybe I could just find …

Re: Remote Desktop into Windows 9x Systems?

in Milliways
ETA: In the old days I used to use RAdmin 2.1. This is not free though and uses a different protocol. I use RAdmin 2.2 on my Windows 9x systems. It is compatible with all the newer RAdmin Viewer versions. And it also has a file transfer option (which is quite slow, but stll convenient). In fact, I …

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