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Re: Anyone interested in recordings of different sound cards? I've got some here for you.

actually I bought this card back in 1994, it was sold as "audio excel pro". I don't have the box or the manual anymore, so I can't tell you what the CON2 connector is good for... but I assume it is some kind of proprietary cdrom connector (was very popular these days to have one) but attached you …

Re: Sound cards - from best to worst

Great Hierophant wrote: The MU10XG is the only one likely to have been affordable to a non-musician and has the same specs as a DB50XG. It will give a good sound, but any of the MU series will do justice to game midi. I currently have a MU50, was that a bad choice for DB50XG compatibility?

Exc. Checksum Error

Hi, I have problem with my MIDI connections and maybe someone could help me. I have two PCs: PC1: - SCC-1 (connected to the Breakout-Box MIDI IN) PC2: - SB X-FI with Breakout-Box - Roland MT-32 (connected to the Breakout-Box MIDI OUT) - Roland SC-55mkII (connected to the MT-32) - Yamaha MU-50 ( …

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