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D-Fend Reloaded not loading scummvm games?

Just curious, but when is the next release of D-Fend Reloaded coming? The program is awesome; I spent a long time trying to figure out why it wouldn't work with scummvm until I checked the bug page on d-fend reloaded's site and saw that it wasn't compatible with scummvm 1.3.x!

Re: Different Sound in Space Quest 2??

With DOSBox you're running Sierra's original AGI interpreter, with all of its limitations. ScummVM's AGI interpreter clearly has some additional refinements, but it's still going to be pretty much the same game either way. Gotcha. That makes sense. Still though, when I heard that music in scummvm I …

Re: Different Sound in Space Quest 2??

I think ScummVM is using the Tandy sound system for the AGI games; although it might be doing things to further enrich the sound... but I've never heard a real Tandy, so couldn't say for sure. Setting machine=tandy in the conf file is the easy way to get similar sound in DOSBox. If you don't want …

Different Sound in Space Quest 2??

My favorite all-time game is Space Quest 2. I have always played it on dosbox and loved it. However, recently, I downloaded scummvm (yes, I know I'm posting in a "dosbox" forum), and saw that it supported AGI games, so I tried running sq2 on it just for kicks. To my surprise, the audio in the game …

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